Professional Busker Puppet Charlie the Happy Dog

Downsizing continues in West Michigan. Available for purchase is Charlie, a new Luna Professional Puppet in 2021. I purchased to use with my crank organ, but have since adjusted my act to best serve the limited opportunities here. Please view the videos below to see what Charlie is capable of doing. Charlie comes with a full body with detachable lower legs. He is designed to work with your left hand and comes with blinking blue eyes, perking ears, snarling lips, a posable tail and sleeved arms. The glove fitting hands have screen sensitive conductive threading to use with touchscreen devices. The Luna website is HERE. Charlie comes with two vests, red and green, a puppet stand and an SKB Travel Hard Shell Rolling Case. Take a look at the Francois Blanc video and visualize doing this routine with Charlie the dog and a busker organ - FUN!

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